Be Acceptable: Write Tests from Stories

In my post on Stories, Features, and Acceptance Tests I talked about a lot but I didn’t really cover the acceptance tests themselves. The tests are quite important. Keep in mind that the goal is to have specifications that are clear, sufficiently testable and falsifiable, and in line with client expectations prior to significant development or testing. In essence, the idea is to work out how a system would be tested as a way to check whether the requirements give you enough information to build the system in the first place. You shouldn’t dive straight away into how to implement something, but rather think about how the finished system will be used — i.e., acceptable use — and then double-check the requirements armed with that knowledge.

Acceptance tests should reflect the customers’ perception of when the application meets their requirements. This does not mean that such tests must be defined by a customer or business analyst but it does often mean that such tests are discussed with them.

But how do you write them? What do they look like? Well, let’s talk about that.

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