Omnia Autem Probate — 1 of 19

Jeff Nyman

Release 2

"Omnia Autem Probate" by Jeff Nyman

The story headline is "An Interactive Exploratory Test".

The story genre is "Fantasy".

The release number is 2.

The story description is "This is the Omnia Autem Probate -- loosely, 'Test all the Things' -- version of a popular game called 'Trinity', written by Brian Moriarty in 1986, published by Infocom.

The goal of this project is to use interactive fiction as a means to promote test exploration and experimentation. This project was created as a playground for discussing topics about exploratory testing with testers and developers, to better develop intuitions regarding the complexity of testing a problem space.

Being such, this 'game' is not a faithful reproduction of 'Trinity' but, rather, uses that game as the basis for providing a series of graduated, and hopefully fun, challenges. This project is being done in connection with a series of posts on Exploring Testing with Interactive Fiction."

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