Omnia Autem Probate

Jeff Nyman

Release 3

This is the Omnia Autem Probate -- loosely, "Test all the Things" -- version of a popular game called Trinity, written by Brian Moriarty in 1986, published by Infocom.


The goal of this project is to use interactive fiction as a means to promote test exploration and experimentation. This project was created as a playground for discussing topics about exploratory testing with testers and developers, to better develop intuitions regarding the complexity of testing a problem space.


Being such, this 'game' is not a faithful reproduction of Trinity but, rather, uses that game as the basis for providing a series of graduated, and hopefully fun, challenges. This project is being done in connection with a series of posts on Exploring Testing with Interactive Fiction.

Omnia Autem Probate was created with Inform and has IFID 03E54985-B771-4799-88C1-71BF54553F0E.

To play a work like this one, you need an interpreter program: many are available, among them Zoom for Mac OS X and for Unix; Windows Frotz or Windows Glulxe for Windows. Or you can play without downloading anything by following the 'Play In-Browser' link, using the Parchment interpreter. You'll need to have Javascript enabled on your web browser.