The Actions of Inform 7

In this post I’m going to be focusing on the actions that a player will take with an Inform 7 game. Those actions can be interefered with in various ways to make the game play experience more dynamic. All of this will be done using rules, which I covered in the previous post. In this post, you will see how actions are essentially a descriptive circumstance provided to a rule. When that circumstance applies — meaning, when the action has occurred — then interesting things can be made to happen.

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Introduction to Inform 7

In a series of posts, I’ll be writing about a gaming system I’ve been using to teach children writing skills but have also found helps testers with analysis and thinking skills. This particular gaming system is called Inform 7 and it’s used to program interactive fiction games, which used to be called “text adventures” back in the day. Inform 7 offers some unique challenges to thinking, writing, and programming such that I’ve found it to be an excellent system to explore with. Given that Inform 7 is used to create games that present puzzles to be solved, it’s been instructive for me to treat Inform 7 itself as a puzzle to be solved.

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