Starting a Rails App, Part 2

This is the second, and final, post in the series about starting off on a Rails application. In the first post the basis for a “Planets” application was created. I ended up with a database (model) and a functioning mechanism around that database that let me create, edit, and delete records (views). All of that was knitted together into a working application by a controller. However, those views have no validation on them. That means the database is not protected from bad data. I’ll fix that here and then focus a lot on how Rails apps are tested.

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Starting a Rails App, Part 1

Many testers these days will find themselves in Rails shops and, even if that’s not the case, Rails is a good environment within which to build custom test solutions that require a database and a web interface. This is largely because when using Rails, you are using one of the most concise and expressive languages out there: Ruby. I plan to document some of my learning of the Rails ecosystem in two posts.

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Learning the Rails Way – A Tester’s Perspective

In a previous post I talked about learning Rails in a way that I wished it had been presented to me. Here I’ll focus a little on the salient facts about the framework that you will no doubt find elsewhere, but sometimes you have to distill it from surrounding material that gets in the way. Near the end, I’ll explain why any of this has relevance to me writing as a tester.

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A Tester Learns Rails

I played around with Node.js in a previous post for web framework design. Now I want to explore Rails a bit. I haven’t found tutorials that I really like on Rails, at least for those getting started. Now that I have gotten started, some of those tutorials I did find are more helpful to me, but they weren’t as helpful starting out. So here I’ll write in a way that helped me learn more about how Rails is actually working, rather than just relying on the “magic” that everyone tells me is happening behind the scenes.

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